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Articles in Economics and Policy Journals

Earnhart, D., S. Jacobson, Y. Kuwayama, and R. Woodward. 2023. Discretionary exemptions from environmental regulation: Flexibility for good or for ill. Land Economics, 99(2), 203-221. [Journal Article] [RFF Working Paper]​

Kuwayama, Y., S. Olmstead, and J. Zheng. A more comprehensive estimate of the value of water quality. 2022. Journal of Public Economics, 207, 104600. [Journal Article]

Kroetz, K., Y. Kuwayama, and C. Vexler. 2020. The economics of the joint management of water resources and aquatic species in the United States. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 14(2), 194–215. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Fitzgerald, T., Y. Kuwayama, S. Olmstead, and A. Thompson. 2020. Dynamic impacts of U.S. energy development on agricultural land use. Energy Policy, 137, 11163. [Journal Article]

Walls, M., and Y. Kuwayama. 2019. Evaluating payments for forest watershed services programs in the United States. Water Economics and Policy, 5(4). [Journal Article]

Kuwayama, Y., A. Thompson, R. Bernknopf, B. Zaitchik, and P. Vail. 2019. Estimating the impact of drought on agriculture using the US Drought Monitor. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(1): 193-210. [Journal Article]

Epanchin-Niell, R., Y. Kuwayama, and M. Walls. 2017. Spatial-dynamic complexities of the climate challenge for rural areas: Integrating resource and regional economic insights. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99(2): 447–463. [Journal Article]

Kuwayama, Y., S. Roeshot, A. Krupnick, N. Richardson, and J. Mares. 2017. Risks and mitigation options for on-site storage of wastewater from shale gas and tight oil development. Energy Policy, 101: 582–593. [Journal Article]

Kuwayama, Y., and N. Brozović. 2017. Optimal management of environmental externalities with time lags and uncertainty. Environmental and Resource Economics, 68(3): 473-499. [Journal Article]

Kuwayama, Y., and H. Kamen. 2016. What drives the reuse of municipal wastewater? A county-level analysis of Florida. Land Economics, 92(4): 679–702. [Journal Article]

Kuwayama, Y., and N. Brozović. 2013. The regulation of a spatially heterogeneous externality: Tradable groundwater permits to protect streams. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 66(2): 364– 382. [Journal Article]

Articles in Natural Science Journals

Ordway, E. M., A. J. Elmore, S. Kolstoe, J. E. Quinn, R. Swanwick, M. Cattau, D. Taillie, S. M. Guinn, K. D. Chadwick, J. W. Atkins, R. E. Blake, M. Chapman, K. Cobourn, T. Goulden, M. R. Helmus, K. Hondula, C. Hritz, J. Jensen, J. P. Julian, Y. Kuwayama, V. Lulla, D. O’Leary, D. R. Nelson, J. P. Ocon, S. Pau, G. E. Ponce-Campos, C. Portillo-Quintero, N. G. Pricope, R. G. Rivero, L. Schneider, M. Steele, M. G. Tulbure, M. A. Williamson, and C. Wilson. 2021. Leveraging the NEON Airborne Observation Platform for socio-environmental systems research. Ecosphere, 12(6), e03640. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Bernknopf, R., Y. Kuwayama, R. Gibson, J. Blakely, B. Mabee, T. J. Clifford, B. Quayle, J. Epting, T. Hardy, and D. Goodrich. 2020. Monetising the savings of remotely sensed data and information in Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) wildfire assessment. International Journal of Wildland Fire. [Journal Article]

Stroming, S., M. Robertson, B. Mabee, Y. Kuwayama, and B. Schaeffer. 2020. Quantifying the human health benefits of using satellite information to detect cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms and manage recreational advisories in U.S. lakes. GeoHealth, 4(9), e2020GH000254. [Journal Article (Open Access)]​

Öberg, G., G. S. Metson, Y. Kuwayama, and S. A. Conrad. Conventional sewer systems are too time-consuming, costly and inflexible to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 2020. Sustainability, 12(16), 6518. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Kuwayama, Y., and S. Olmstead. 2020. Hydroeconomic modeling of resource recovery from wastewater: Implications for water quality and quantity management. Journal of Environmental Quality, 49(3), 593-602. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Virapongse, A., F. Pearlman, J. Pearlman, M. Murambadoro, Y. Kuwayama, and M. Glasscoe. 2020. Ten rules to increase the societal value of Earth Observations. Earth Science Informatics, 13(2), 233-247. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Kuwayama, Y., S. Olmstead, D. Wietelman, and J. Zheng. 2020. Trends in nutrient pollution as a source of potential water quality damages: A case study of Texas, USA. Science of the Total Environment, 724, 137962. [Journal Article]

Metson, G., S. M. Powers, R. L. Hale, J. Sayles, G. Öberg, G. K. MacDonald, Y. Kuwayama, N. Springer, A. Weatherley, K. L. Hondula, K. Jones, R. B. Chowdhury, A. H. W. Beusen, and A. F. Bouwman. 2017. Socioenvironmental assessment of phosphorus flows in the urban sanitation chain of diverse cities. Regional Environmental Change, 18(5):1387-1401. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Bernknopf, R., D. Brookshire, Y. Kuwayama, M. Macauley, M. Rodell, A. Thompson, P. Vail, and B. Zaitchik. 2017. The value of remotely sensed information: The case of GRACE-enhanced drought severity index. Weather, Climate, and Society, 10(1): 187-203. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Kuwayama, Y., S. Olmstead, and A. Krupnick. 2015. Water quality and quantity impacts of hydraulic fracturing. Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports, 2(1): 17–24. [Journal Article (Open Access)]

Kuwayama, Y., and N. Brozović. 2012. Analytical hydrologic models and the design of policy instruments for groundwater-quality management. Hydrogeology Journal, 20(5): 957–972. [Journal Article]

Working papers and other work in progress

Sayyed, T. K., U. Ovienmhada, M. Kashani, K. Vohra, G. Kerr, C. O’Donnell, M. Harris, L. Gladson, A. Titus, S. Adamo, K. Fong, E. Gargulinski, A. Soja, S. Anenberg, and Y. Kuwayama. Satellite data for environmental justice: A scoping review.

Bernknopf, R., A. Steinkruger, and Y. Kuwayama. Earth observations can enable cost-effective conservation of Eastern North Pacific blue whales: A value of information analysis. [RFF Working Paper]


Kuwayama, Y., J. Rayl, and T. Treakle. Can water markets price the reliability of a water right efficiently? Evidence from transfers of non-consumptive water rights in Chile.

Kuwayama, Y., K. Kroetz, T. Treakle, J. Ashander, and C. Speir. Optimal management of natural resources generating multiple ecosystem services.

Book chapters

Bernknopf, R., D. Brookshire, M. Macauley, G. Jakeman, Y. Kuwayama, H. Miller, L. Richardson, and A. Smart. 2016. Societal benefits: Methods and examples for estimating the value of remote sensing information. In S. Morain, M. Renslow, and A. Budge, editors, Manual of Remote Sensing, 4th Edition (pp. 869–910). American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Bethesda. [Book Chapter]


Kuwayama, Y., R. Young, and N. Brozović. 2016. Groundwater scarcity: Management approaches and recent innovations. In J. R. Ziolkowska and J. M. Peterson, editors, Competition for Water Resources – Experiences and Management Approaches in the US and Europe (pp. 332–350). Elsevier, Cambridge. [Book Chapter]


Kuwayama, Y., and S. Olmstead. 2015. Water quality and economics: Willingness to pay, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and new research frontiers. In D. Layton and R. Halvorsen, editors, The Handbook of Natural Resource Economics (pp. 474–501). Edward Elgar Publishing, Amsterdam. [Book Chapter]

Other publications

Kuwayama, Y., and S. Aldy. 2021. The Value of Science Explainer Series. Resources for the Future.

Mount, J., B. Gray, K. Bork, J. E. Cloern, F. W. Davis, T. Grantham, L. Grenier, J. Harder, Y. Kuwayama, P. Moyle, M. W. Schwartz, A. Whipple, and S. Yarnell. 2019. A Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems. San Francisco, CA: Public Policy Institute of California. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y. 2019. Policy nook – Opportunities and challenges of using satellite data to inform water policy. Water Economics and Policy, 5(3). DOI: 10.1142/S2382624X19710012. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y. 2019. The economic impacts of drought on US agriculture. Resources, 200. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y., and B. Mabee. 2017. How do we measure the value of satellite data? Resources, 196. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y. 2017. Capturing the value of data from Earth observations. Resources, 194. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y., and H. Kamen. 2015. Commentary: Getting past the “yuck” factor: Recycled water in Florida and other states. Resources, 189: 10–12. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y. 2014. Groundwater markets: Managing a critical, hidden resource. Resources, 186. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y., S. Olmstead, and A. Krupnick. 2013. Water resources and unconventional fossil fuel development: Linking physical impacts to social costs. RFF Discussion Paper 13–34. [Link]

Kuwayama, Y. 2013. Book review – Water policy reform: Lessons in sustainability from the Murray-Darling Basin. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research, 5 (4): 273–274.

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